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Feel free to contact me for any reason whatsoever using my email. I will try to answer each and every email but please understand I cannot always answer in a very timely fashion because I am busy with my Internet business just like you already are or will be!

Thank you so much for your patience,


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  1. Hello Jonathan

    First of all, maybe the words “thank you” is not equivalent to repay your free ebook, but I can not repay you with more than that for the moment, and I feel guilty if do not say thanks to you.

    one day if i have a chance to go to MIAMI, the first thing i do is, i really want to meet you and give you something more than these word for your kindness.

    I named your ebook as the one of the miracles I ever got.
    yesterday I was strugle to find a niche and keywords for adsense niche site, I am looking for a tutorial on youtube and find your video + link which took me to the wariorforum to download this world class ebook, maybe yesterday it was one of my best days ever!.

    do you have a facebook ? that would be great if we can chat on facebook,
    Anyway, i really really want to get in touch with you, to share anything in my mind. i emailed you few weeks ago, and there is no reply.

    BUT …

    Take Care
    Cholid Sulaiman
    From Indonesia


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